Tales of a 50-Plus History-Lovin' Traveler



If you wanna know about me, you have to accept the following fact: Traveling with me is not an easy task.  I’m not a difficult woman. I’m an easy roommate.  But I really like doing my own thing. And “my own thing” tends to rotate around seeing the homes, battlefields and locales once inhabited by the living. Yes, I confess…I am a history nerd.

  • I have cried on the battlefield of Hastings thinking about the lives lost when William the Conqueror invaded England and changed the direction of english speaking people forever.
  • I did a hard pass on all the thousands of tours offered in Rome in order to meander the city looking for the burial spot of Augustus, the Assassination spot of Caesar and the ruins where his funeral pyre was burned.
  • I dragged children on their first trip to New York City to see tombstones of Alexander Hamilton and the old hotel room at Fraunces Tavern where Washington bid farewell to his troops.

(It was after that trip where my twins, aged 9 at the time, told me I was not to take them to “any dead people’s homes” any more. See? I AM a difficult woman to travel with…LOL!)

So, basically I travel alone now. I research the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks out of my destinations to find the most eclectic of attractions. If you are a history dork like me and you like to travel, you will LOVE this blog.  I hope you find unique attractions to visit for destinations you are visiting. And that you always visit the path less traveled.

Carpe Diem!

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